Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Resident!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Bailey (More specifically Bailey Cecile Donavan) I just moved to Waterloo today.

A few fun facts about me: I'm 11, I'm adopted. I have a little brother named Jimmy (my real brother, who was adopted by the same couple that I was). My(adoptive) parents own a coffee shop. I like to write poetry and other stories and I enjoy watching anime.

Nice to meet all of you. I hope to write more. I heard this town doesn't have a newspaper yet. Ladies and gentleman I think I've found myself a job!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Update time

Hello everyone. Jess here!

Not too much going on in town right now. Clara's thinking of doing a craft exhibition soon and Sparrow might open up The Sparrow's Nest sometime this weekend (keep an eye out on our various social network places for pics. We're hoping to start a Facebook page soon, Mia and Jenn had issues when they tried the other day).

There's a new girl coming next Monday! Emily Bennet! She'll most likely move in with Claudia (Ruthie will move in with my sister Heather and Solana. Claudia is also getting hearing aids soon (She won't be able to hear officially, just some background noises.

There's also talk of the potential of 6 more future residents in Waterloo after Emily

1) A nineteen-teens historical that Jenn will create (Jenn recently started watching Downton Abbey and loves the time period and outfits.

2)A boy doll, named Oliver, He's pretty much a guarantee as soon as Jenn finds the right doll to customize

3) A cook for the Merrimans

4) A gossipy lady (will probibly be a stuffed flamingo), No real name decided

5) A boy My Twinn, Sparrow and Robin's father, His name is Zander.

6) Anna Larson, who will be a stuffed dog. She'll probibly be next, after Emily, unless Jenn finds a boy doll for Oliver first.

That will be an even 30 residents in Waterloo! I think I might quit my job delivering mail rather then having to do all that work!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

"And this is the first of MANY updates"

Jealousy here, Jenn decided I should update the blog, Since I've never updated this thing. Haven't really cared to.

Anyways. Jenn just did the first update on the new tab-things she started for the blog. I guess if you care to see what Molly and Julie's apartment is like you can click on the "The Houses" tab and check it out. But whatever, I personally don't care either way (Jenn and everyone else would LOVE you to check it out though. There is also a comment section HINT HINT).


P.S. If anyone was confused by the title of this blog: It's a play on a quote from Tyrion Lannister from the premier of Game of Thrones. If your old enough to watch it (VERY adult themes) CHECK IT OUT!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello All! New Stuff!

Hello everyone. Mia here.

As you may have noticed when you opened the page. We have new "tabs" up top. Those tabs will (soon) house information and other stuff about the town of Waterloo. Jenn and I will be very busy getting all that up. Keep checking back for more soon. Updates will also be posted on twitter.

Another question we have: Would anyone who reads our blog be interested in fallowing us if we make a facebook page? Solana already has a personal one but we've been thinking about making  a general one of Waterloo. Anyone out there who would check that out? And what would you like to see if we did? (Also: What would you like to see as part of the new stuff on the blog?)



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Updates on town goings-on

Hello everyone! Sparrow here. Figured it was time to update everyone on what's going on in Waterloo.

So, Robin (my little sis) had a really bad flu for a few days, so Josephina came to stay with us to help her feel better (Josephina knows cures and stuff like that so she was alot of help). While she was here Brooklyn went to stay with Claudia (Claudia had room for a visitor). Now that Robin is feeling better Jospephina has gone home and Brooklyn is back here. Josephina is taking a very long nap as I type (She didn't get much sleep while she was taking care of Robin)

Felicity is visiting Mia.

Ruthie and Solana are not back from their out-of-town visits. Hopefully soon. I know Heather is getting bored living by herself and that Claudia wants Sugar to go home.

We now have checkbooks here in Waterloo. Which I am very happy about as I will actually be able to make money when customers come to The Sparrow's Nest. They are not very fancy but they'll do for a start :)

And lastly, on the social media side of things, You may (if you fallow us on twitter that is) noticed that we've been posting daily pictures of random things going on it Waterloo. If you don't fallow us on Twitter check it out our user name is WaterStTweets. We use the hashtag #Dailydollphotos when we post each picture. Feel free to join us in doing so and we can all share the daily lives of our doll towns!

Well, I'm gonna sign off here.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more room updates

Hi everyone! Heather McConell here.

Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been busy here. Last week Brooklyn and the Matthew's sisters, The Montoya's and Larsons, and Claudia moved into apartments (when Ruthie returns from Daisy Hallow she'll be living with Claudia.  And today I moved into an apartment of my own (Solana will live with me when she gets back from visiting her sister in Star Valley.

Right now Sugar is staying with Claudia, Claudia is much better with animals then I am and Sugar is a bit hard to handel at times.

If you want to see what the newly set up apartments look like (minus mine) I suggest checking out this YouTube video Clara made

Well I'm gonna go. Bye everyone!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Roomate Rules Version 1

I, Jessica Akiko McConnell, do hereby agree to abide by the rules set forth in....something legallie sounding, in agreement with Mia Vanessa StClair. The purpose of which.....more legal allow Jessica and Mia to peacefully live together (or something like that, Do I REALLY have to type up this mumbo jumbo Mia?)

1) Jessica will only be given permission to use Mia's MP3 player without Mia's permission. This means that Jessica is not allowed to rip said MP3 player off of Mia's ears. No matter how badly she wants to listen to "Sexy and I Know it"

2) Another note about the MP3 Player: Jessica is asked to remember that when she has the headphones on and is singing, that she is singing louder then she can hear. She is asked to keep this in mind when singing. Particularly when Mia is attempting to nap

3) Jessica is reminded that even though her hammock bed makes it difficult for Jessica to jump on her bed, that Mia's bed is not a suitable replacement when she desires to jump on a bed.

4) Jessica is asked to PLEASE refrain from taking pictures of Mia when Mia is sleeping. Particularly considering that Jessica has yet to figure out how to turn the flash on her butterfly camera off.

Also, I, Mia Vanessa StClair do herby agree to abide by the rules set forth in these rules, in agreement with Jessica Akiko McConnell. The purpose of which is to set forth rules that allow Mia and Jessica to peacefully live together.

1) Mia is, under no circumstances, allowed to touch Jessica's monkey and orangatang collection without Jessica's express permission.

2) Mia is asked to remember that Jessica has a severe distaste for classical music, too sleepy, and is asked that when she must listen to classical music for iceskating purposes, to please use her headphones.

3) Mia is asked to understand that yes, Jessica does have more stuffed animals and other figurines then her, but that does not entitle Mia to call Jessica spoiled. Perhaps Mia can work on her cutesy face and ask Jenn for more toys.

4) Persuent to rule 1, Mia is asked to refrain from stealing Toshi off of Jessica's bed and hiding him. No matter how funny Mia thinks it is to watch Jess panic.

(Yes, Jess, you did have to type up your part, I had to mine)

These rules are now put in place by Jenn (who, Jenn would like to remind Mia and Jessica, both legally and physically owns both of their behinds!) and are to be abided by by both Jessica Akiko McConnell and Mia Vanessa StClair

1)Mia and Jessica are asked to immediately refrain from braging about their new room to their sisters who, due to the space available in Jenn's current room) do not yet have rooms. They are FORBIDDEN from saying "It's because Jenn loves us more".

2)Mia and Jessica are asked to learn that handle their own differences and problems rising from misscommunication. If Jenn is asked to moderate many more debates between Mia and Jessica, Jenn will be forced to reconsider their living arrangments. This could possibly include giving their living space to Ruthie and Claudia.

3) All attempted games of "roomate wars" pitting Mia and Jess against Molly and Julie, are hearby forbidden. We do not need a replay of the zipline incident. No matter how much fun Jessica had on the zipline.

(Thank you for typing these up girls. I hope this solves any future problems arising from your new living arrangment and prevents Jenn from having to invoke the punishment in rule two. Jenn is very proud of how well Jessica's hammock bed actually works and would hate to have to take it down).