Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Since Jenn will probibly never get to finishing the AGP album.

Since Jenn has been really busy I guess I'll tell you who the new sister is.

And yes, I am going to drag this out.

Haha! I could just keep typing and keep you here for hours.

Haha. (Man I'm starting to sound like Jess)

Anywho. The new girl is Kaya. She'll probibly live with the Merriman girls (when we find a way to break up into houses) Since Felicity, Nancy and Kaya all still live a lifestile close to their time period.

She seems to be getting along with everyone pretty well. we're still trying to explain to her that she shouldn't hunt the dogs though :).

Jenn hopes to get some pics of her up soonish (She doesn't know when though because she's uber busy with school stuff.

Well I gotta go


P.S. no "Hello" messge from Kaya because, like Felicity, Mia won't let her near the computer.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Jenn and I just got back from NYC yesterday. AGP was sooo much fun. I got new glasses and Sparrow got Lanie's Pj's. Since she didn't want the oranatang that came with him she let me have him. His name's Tang and he's cool and orage. Toshi is still my favorite stuffed animal though. Tang doesn't even have velcroe on his hands and feet :( Which means he can't give me a hug like Toshi can. And....let's seee..... Felicity got Elizabeth's tea dress and Ruthie got Lanie's "gardening" outfit (note the air quotes. Even I know better then to garden in white).

And we brought home a new sister. But I'm not gonna tell you who she is. You'll have to wait till the APG album goes up :P Nah nah nah nah nah. (I think Auntie Missy knows but I don't know if she's told any of her dolls). I will give you a hint though. She's not Elizabeth but the new girl and Felicity are going to be good friends.

Well I gotta go. Jenn's making me help her unpack and clean.



Star Valley Jess: Saw your new webshow. LOVE IT! I totally agree with you that Jess dolls look great with colored hair striped. But you SEEM to have forgotton to mention that I did it first ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010


Jenn and I are all packed for NYC. I'm so excited to go to American Girl Place!!!! (not sharing when we are going though :P).

Still don't know who the new doll is going to be. Jenn won't tell me. Though I will be the first to know who they are *Tee hee*

Hope everyone had a good week and has a good week next week (though it won't be as awsome as my week next week)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yes, We've moved.

Since ABSOLUTELY no one updates their livejournals anymore we decided to move here.

For those new comers let me introduce us.

We are the sisterhood of the water st girls. A collection of 9 18" dolls who live together with Jenn on Water St. We tend to get in alot of trouble but we always have eachothers backs.

Our names (in order of arrival are)
!Ruthie! (who is our resident traveler so won't use this blog much)
-Felicity- (Who doesn't use the computer)

Well that's about it. You'll learn much more about us as we post :).