Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here there be monsters, Monster High that is ;)

Molly here.

So Jenn recently got into collecting Monster High dolls and now has 6 of them Clawdeen, Spectra, Frankie, Clawd, Draculaura, and Ghoulia (She also has a Clawdeen rag doll but she doesn't have a personality so we'll ignore her). And I guesss they're okkkkk......Spectra's a little weird (spent an evening running around asking all of us "What do you seek?", only Felicity had an answer ("Propriety"). Clawdeen and Solana are both really into fashion so they get along well. Frankie has a her-sized laptop so the MHs might blog here from time to time.

In other news: Jenn continues to be lame and not updating the website. This shall be fixed, once I figure out how to motivate Jenn without inflicting pain.

Well I'm gonna log off here.