Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello World! Long time no blog.

Hello everybodies! Jess here.

Man, it's been a looooonnnnnggggggg time since we blogged. But, no worries, I'm here to fix that.

So, We've moved out to the boondoksies. It's quieter here, but we no longer live on Water St. SO we can't call ourselves the Water St Girls. HMMMM what shall we call ourselves?

Last night Jenn, Molly, Sparrow, and Ruthie all went to Auntie Missy's house for the night. Sparrow and Ruthie stayed (Sparrow is staying in Star Valley and Ruthie is staying in Daisy Hallow). The really cool part is that Kanani and Sonali came to visit in their place.  I'm already planning what kind of trouble we'll get into while they are here.

Well. that's pretty much it.... NO WAIT.....MEGA IMPORTANT: I GOT A NEW OUTFITTTTT!!! It' WICKED AWSOME! I'll prolly put a picture of me in it on Twitter soon. CHECK FOR THAT!

Now I'm going to log off.