Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Sister!

Hey everyone. Molly Here.

So, Jess fails at keeping her promise to keep the blog updated so I guess it's my turn.

Jenn took me to Natick yesterday. I even got a present! She got me my dog Bennett. I love him soooo much. I'll probibly post a picture of him and I on Twitter.

We also got a new sister, Josephina! I'm glad to have her here (though I did attempt to convince Jenn that Emily needed to come to Waterloo instead. Though she did promise me that when she and Auntie Missy go to New York in October that Emily would most likely be coming home then (unless someone Jenn wants or wants stuff for is being archived at the time and she needs to spend the money on that).

In other news: Solana and Kanani are quite upset that NOTHING has been going on here while they have been visiting. We'll have to fix that.

Well I gotta go.