Sunday, May 5, 2013

"And this is the first of MANY updates"

Jealousy here, Jenn decided I should update the blog, Since I've never updated this thing. Haven't really cared to.

Anyways. Jenn just did the first update on the new tab-things she started for the blog. I guess if you care to see what Molly and Julie's apartment is like you can click on the "The Houses" tab and check it out. But whatever, I personally don't care either way (Jenn and everyone else would LOVE you to check it out though. There is also a comment section HINT HINT).


P.S. If anyone was confused by the title of this blog: It's a play on a quote from Tyrion Lannister from the premier of Game of Thrones. If your old enough to watch it (VERY adult themes) CHECK IT OUT!