Saturday, June 8, 2013

Update time

Hello everyone. Jess here!

Not too much going on in town right now. Clara's thinking of doing a craft exhibition soon and Sparrow might open up The Sparrow's Nest sometime this weekend (keep an eye out on our various social network places for pics. We're hoping to start a Facebook page soon, Mia and Jenn had issues when they tried the other day).

There's a new girl coming next Monday! Emily Bennet! She'll most likely move in with Claudia (Ruthie will move in with my sister Heather and Solana. Claudia is also getting hearing aids soon (She won't be able to hear officially, just some background noises.

There's also talk of the potential of 6 more future residents in Waterloo after Emily

1) A nineteen-teens historical that Jenn will create (Jenn recently started watching Downton Abbey and loves the time period and outfits.

2)A boy doll, named Oliver, He's pretty much a guarantee as soon as Jenn finds the right doll to customize

3) A cook for the Merrimans

4) A gossipy lady (will probibly be a stuffed flamingo), No real name decided

5) A boy My Twinn, Sparrow and Robin's father, His name is Zander.

6) Anna Larson, who will be a stuffed dog. She'll probibly be next, after Emily, unless Jenn finds a boy doll for Oliver first.

That will be an even 30 residents in Waterloo! I think I might quit my job delivering mail rather then having to do all that work!