Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five months.....Seriously!?!

Molly here (and if you can't tell from the subject line of this blog I'm back into Gray's Anatomy again!)

I can't believe we haven't bloged in over 5 months. This WILL be fixed.

Sooo. we have two new sisters since last post. Over the summer Solana came to live with us. She's a #47 and you'll learn something REALLY cool about her after Christmas. And a couple weeks ago Meredith Valentino came to live on Water St. too! (She used to be Auntie Jessie's Nicki but she decided she wanted a new name and personality once she came to live with us).

We're moving soon. Jenn is getting a new room on Water St. (Don't really wanna go into details here). Once the room is painted and carpeted Jenn will start moving furniture in and then us!.

Sophie came to visit in late July. It was great to meet her finally.

Now we're just kind of enjoying fall and we need to begin practicintg for the Star Valley Winter Fest. We're doing a talent show. Two girls and a Guitar are doing one of Mia's favorite songs. I want to do something but I don't know what yet. And Heather and Meridith (who is good at gymnastics) are thinking of doing a dance number that combines their skills.

So how is everybody else doing?