Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer time!

Jess here!

The wide majority of us are back on Water ST

Julie had fun in San Fran. She ended up studying at a music conservatory. She had fun.

Mrs. Merman I'd not come back from Europe. Felicity says she may be back to visit sometimes though. Kaya saw the fashions over there and is now dressing modern (Don't worry, Felicitynis ok with it and they are still friends). Merridith got a permanent job at the dude ranch and stayed there. Heather decoded to stay in Michigan to finish high school. Elphaba hasn't been in touch.

As for me: I will never say were I went. But I will tell you that it concerns a poisonous plant and illegal use of someone's credit card.

In other news: Peggy from Daisy Hallow is visiting. We haven't really done anything yet but we are planning something.

Well I gotta go.