Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft #1: Finger knitted pet leash.

Hey everyone. Jenn here (the girl crazy enough to bring all of the Waterloo residents into one house ;) ) As Julie mentioned this blog is being re-invented. One of things I promised was craft instructions. On that note: I am proud to present my first craft. A finger knitted leash for your doll's pets.

What You Will Need:
-Yarn (not alot, a decent sized leftovers from other projects will do nicely)
-A doll (for sizing)
-The pet the leash is for (again this is for sizing. This leash was for a friend so I just randomly chose Sugar)
Time Needed:
Less then a half hour. I didn't time it but seriously it took no time at all. I started watching Sweeney Todd while I was making this and even taking pictures I had this done LONG before Sweeney killed his first victim.
1) Begin finger knitting. Leave yourself a decent sized tail when you start.
2) work until it fits around the pet's neck. Make sure you leave enough room so that it easily slips on and off.
3) Now this is were the tail you left at the begining comes into play. Tuck it into the loop you've been working with. and continue to finger knit as normal.

it should look like this
4) Keep finger knitting for another inch or two. Until the tail is nice and secure.
5) Tie off the tail. I would recommend double-knotting it to keep it secure when you slip it on and off.
6) and cut off the remainder ends. Congrats! You've just completed the hardest part.  You  may now resume your regularly scheduled finger-knitting.
7) Keep finger knitted until you have about a foot after the end loop (or longer if you desire. The great thing about this craft is that it's fairly customizable)
8) fit the loop around your doll's wrist. Much like the loop that goes around the pet's neck, make sure it can slip easily on and off.
9) For this next part you will need to cut the project away from the yarn ball. make sure you leave yourself a decent length though.
10) Tie the loop off. Again, I would recommend double knotting to keep it secure during play.
11) Cut the ends off and you have completed your leash!
Enjoy and feel free to make as many leashes as you need for all your dolls pets. Like I said earlier the great thing about this craft is that you can make leashes in any color and size you want or need.
I hope you enjoyed this craft. PLEASE leave me comments and possibly photos if you try it. Since this is the first doll craft I've written I'm very eager to hear how it works for others. Also feel free to comment with any questions or problems you may have.




Monday, October 22, 2012

Great Weekend, And BIG News!

Julie here,

So. We just got home from the most GROOVEY weekend we've had in a long time. Mia, Claudia, Clara, Felicity, Sparrow, Jealousy, and I went to Star Valley for the weekend for their annual block party. We had so much fun. We also did good in the competitions too. I'll wait to tell you because we have alot of photos and Jenn wants to make an album after those of us that won ribbons take pictures posing with them.  And in other Star Valley related news: Mia stayed in Star Valley and their Kaya came back with us for a visit.

And now for the BIG news we promised. Jenn has decided to not bother working on  Emerald Bloom any more but to turn this blog into more of less her doll website. Which means you will see more blog entrees and more exciting things. Including

-Posts from Jenn herself
-Crafts you(yes, YOU) can make (trust us, if Jenn can make them, you should have no problem)
-"Show-Offs" Jenn (or us) showing off stuff we made.

You should also see alot more action on our Picasa album page. Right now we have a fall family photo shoot album that has been taken that just needs to be put up (look for that most likely this week). and Jenn has been talking about doing solo albums of each of us showing off our personalities.

If there is other stuff,Waterloo related, that you want to see on the blog, just leave a comment and let us know. We'll do our best.

Peace and Love

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey, Jealousy

Jess here

For those who happened to see the tweet Mia posted this morning about the knock at the door:

We've had a very interesting day here . Around 11'oclock this morning there was a knock at the door. we answered it to find a girl in a denim  skirt, fishnets, a plad shirrt with her hair in small braids and up in a bandana standing there (AWSOME outfit, I know)

"Hey guys"  She said "My bike broke down a little ways away from here and it's freaking cold. Can I come in?" And, without waiting for an answer, she came in and shut the door behind her.

"Name's Jealousy Williams. Nice to meet ya" She said holding her hand out to Molly. Hesitating a little, Molly shook the girl's hand.  She then percieded to look around the house

"Excuse me for asking" Mia piped up "But what kind of name is Jealousy?"

"Not my real name. And that's all you need to know"

"So you're a runnaway" Ruthie piped up "I've read enough books guess that"

"Brilliant deduction Holmes" Jealousy replied. With that the conversation went on to about us and about the house. Jealousy was particularly happy to hear that Grandma Tracy and Grandpa Bruce ride bikes too.

So, long story short. We're all getting to know Jealousy (hard to too did Heather put it...."She's a bit of a brat). I think she's awesome. But in a shocking shock that shocks ALL the person she's been getting along with most is Felicity. Yes, Miss prim and proper herself and the B.A. biker chick are becoming friends. I find this more then slightly amusing.

More updates to come. Some of use (not me) are going to the Star Valley block party this weekend.