Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here there be monsters, Monster High that is ;)

Molly here.

So Jenn recently got into collecting Monster High dolls and now has 6 of them Clawdeen, Spectra, Frankie, Clawd, Draculaura, and Ghoulia (She also has a Clawdeen rag doll but she doesn't have a personality so we'll ignore her). And I guesss they're okkkkk......Spectra's a little weird (spent an evening running around asking all of us "What do you seek?", only Felicity had an answer ("Propriety"). Clawdeen and Solana are both really into fashion so they get along well. Frankie has a her-sized laptop so the MHs might blog here from time to time.

In other news: Jenn continues to be lame and not updating the website. This shall be fixed, once I figure out how to motivate Jenn without inflicting pain.

Well I'm gonna log off here.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer time!

Jess here!

The wide majority of us are back on Water ST

Julie had fun in San Fran. She ended up studying at a music conservatory. She had fun.

Mrs. Merman I'd not come back from Europe. Felicity says she may be back to visit sometimes though. Kaya saw the fashions over there and is now dressing modern (Don't worry, Felicitynis ok with it and they are still friends). Merridith got a permanent job at the dude ranch and stayed there. Heather decoded to stay in Michigan to finish high school. Elphaba hasn't been in touch.

As for me: I will never say were I went. But I will tell you that it concerns a poisonous plant and illegal use of someone's credit card.

In other news: Peggy from Daisy Hallow is visiting. We haven't really done anything yet but we are planning something.

Well I gotta go.


Monday, June 6, 2011

update time!

Miss Olly Molly here!

so yeah, I guess it's time to update you on the goings-on on Water St. Lately.

First off:

-Julie is in San Fransisco. Don't ask me why. To hear Julie talking about San Fran before you would have thought she hated it.

-Mia went to space camp. Yeah, She's that much of a tech dork.

-Lord knows were Jess is. Heather mentioned going to Michigan again and she ran out of the house screaming...

-Ruthie is visiting Peggy in Daisy Hallow for the summer.

-Felicity, Kaya, Nancy and Mrs. Merriman are in Europe for Felicity and Kaya's "tour", whatever that means....

-Heather went back to Michigan to see her brother and parents.

-Sparrow and Robin are spending the summer at culinary school so that they can open The Sparrow's Nest when they get back.

-Elphaba just left one afternoon. I think all of the people saying "wicked" here in New Hampshire irritated her.

-Merridith is on a dude ranch out west working with horses.

For those of you who know Water Street well enough you are right. IT'S JUST ME HERE!!!! I'm an only doll again for the summer. I'm totally loving it even if I miss my sisters. I guess we'll see.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

*grumbles*stupid stupid *grumbles*

Don't you hate it when....

Your human makes plans to takes you on vacation, you start imagining yourself enjoying said vacation, getting to help pick out the new sister and then....


and guess what! You don't get to go. Because there is no AG store in Las Vegas.



Translation by Julie:

Molly is upset because Jenn and Pat have decided to go to Las Vegas rather then New York City on vacation next month. And since Las Vegas does not have an American Girl store Molly is no longer going on vacation. This has Molly very upset.

Peace and Love

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ok, I think I like this one much better....

Molly here,

So, Anyone who read our livejournal blog pretty much knows what we though of Jenn's boyfriend that she had when Julie first came to live here. He was a doll hater and the less said about him the better.

Well, Thankfully he's history and Jenn has had a new boyfriend for almost two years.

Now, here's why I'm bringing him up now.

The new boyfriend went to AGPNY last march with Jenn and Jess. This year they're going again in March. When he came to visit last week Jenn was thinking outloud to herself about which one of us she's going to bring. When she mentioned that I've never gone to any AG store before he seemed slightly offended for me (since I am Jenn's first doll)and helped Jenn decide that I should definitly go.

So, thanks to this boy, I'm going to NYC in about two months!

Jenn officially has my permission to keep this boy!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finally a proper intro!

Hey guys. Solana here.

I can finally write an intro post!


My name is Obviously Solana. My last name is Matthews.

I'm Jewish and LOVE designing fashion. I hope to have a fashion line some day. I'll call it Sugar Sweet (After my Yorkie, Sugar)

Now for the reason I had to wait to post my intro: I have a twin sister. Her name is Sonali. She came to live in Star Valley for christmas and she wanted me to wait until she settled in there to post.

Here's a picture of us

Obviously I straighten my hair. I love her curly hair but it doesn't look so good with my shorter hair length.

Anywho, Gonna sign off here!