Monday, November 26, 2012

I would just like to say.....

....To Auntie Missy's Kaya:

I would like to apologise for not warning you before we watched Doctor Who. I didn't know you would get so afraid watching "The Almost People" and "The Rebel Flesh". (For those of you who don't know: Those episodes feature "Gangers", or people made to look like other people). I did not know you would find the "Gangers" going evil so scary (I've always loved the way Doctor Who can scare me). Please accept my aplogise :(

.......To Our Kaya (Can someone like Sparrow or Solana read this to her, as she is not currently talking to me)

I would like to apologise for scaring Auntie Missy's Kaya with that episode. Particuarly because, in her fear, she thought you were her "Ganger" and were going to hurt her. Should she come out from under Jenn's bed, I will try to explain that you are not a "Ganger" and would not want to hurt her. Please accept my aplogise :(

So yeah, I think I'm going to take Creevey for a walk and hope that I can think of a way to solve this.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Unhappy Jess warning!


Not only did Jenn make me pose with Sugar for the craft she posted Monday: BUT!!!! about two hours after she finished the blog entree THE POWER WENT OUT AND DIDN'T COME ON FOR OVER TWO DAYS! It went out about 2pm on monday and didn't come back on until about 6pm on Monday. Yes Grandpa Bruce has a generator so the house was warm and the people had food but NOTHING in Jenn's room had power. NOT COOL! I personally was very happy when it came back. It was like a Halloween miracle ;)

In other news: The Matthews (Sparrow and Robin's parents) have taken in a foster kid. Her name is Brooklyn Malone. She's shy, but nice. She likes to cook so she's a perfect fit with Sparrow and Robin. She helps in the kitchen at The Sparrow's Nest.

And finally: look for the Star Valley Block Party album sometime tommorow or Monday.

Byesssie bye!


On a more serious note:
We know that there were people who were not only more inconvenienced then us by Hurricane Sandy but who actually may have been hurt, or worse. Our thoughts and possitive energy go out to those people. Keep strong :)