Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Roomate Rules Version 1

I, Jessica Akiko McConnell, do hereby agree to abide by the rules set forth in....something legallie sounding, in agreement with Mia Vanessa StClair. The purpose of which.....more legal allow Jessica and Mia to peacefully live together (or something like that, Do I REALLY have to type up this mumbo jumbo Mia?)

1) Jessica will only be given permission to use Mia's MP3 player without Mia's permission. This means that Jessica is not allowed to rip said MP3 player off of Mia's ears. No matter how badly she wants to listen to "Sexy and I Know it"

2) Another note about the MP3 Player: Jessica is asked to remember that when she has the headphones on and is singing, that she is singing louder then she can hear. She is asked to keep this in mind when singing. Particularly when Mia is attempting to nap

3) Jessica is reminded that even though her hammock bed makes it difficult for Jessica to jump on her bed, that Mia's bed is not a suitable replacement when she desires to jump on a bed.

4) Jessica is asked to PLEASE refrain from taking pictures of Mia when Mia is sleeping. Particularly considering that Jessica has yet to figure out how to turn the flash on her butterfly camera off.

Also, I, Mia Vanessa StClair do herby agree to abide by the rules set forth in these rules, in agreement with Jessica Akiko McConnell. The purpose of which is to set forth rules that allow Mia and Jessica to peacefully live together.

1) Mia is, under no circumstances, allowed to touch Jessica's monkey and orangatang collection without Jessica's express permission.

2) Mia is asked to remember that Jessica has a severe distaste for classical music, too sleepy, and is asked that when she must listen to classical music for iceskating purposes, to please use her headphones.

3) Mia is asked to understand that yes, Jessica does have more stuffed animals and other figurines then her, but that does not entitle Mia to call Jessica spoiled. Perhaps Mia can work on her cutesy face and ask Jenn for more toys.

4) Persuent to rule 1, Mia is asked to refrain from stealing Toshi off of Jessica's bed and hiding him. No matter how funny Mia thinks it is to watch Jess panic.

(Yes, Jess, you did have to type up your part, I had to mine)

These rules are now put in place by Jenn (who, Jenn would like to remind Mia and Jessica, both legally and physically owns both of their behinds!) and are to be abided by by both Jessica Akiko McConnell and Mia Vanessa StClair

1)Mia and Jessica are asked to immediately refrain from braging about their new room to their sisters who, due to the space available in Jenn's current room) do not yet have rooms. They are FORBIDDEN from saying "It's because Jenn loves us more".

2)Mia and Jessica are asked to learn that handle their own differences and problems rising from misscommunication. If Jenn is asked to moderate many more debates between Mia and Jessica, Jenn will be forced to reconsider their living arrangments. This could possibly include giving their living space to Ruthie and Claudia.

3) All attempted games of "roomate wars" pitting Mia and Jess against Molly and Julie, are hearby forbidden. We do not need a replay of the zipline incident. No matter how much fun Jessica had on the zipline.

(Thank you for typing these up girls. I hope this solves any future problems arising from your new living arrangment and prevents Jenn from having to invoke the punishment in rule two. Jenn is very proud of how well Jessica's hammock bed actually works and would hate to have to take it down).

Monday, December 17, 2012

RoomS update

Mia here, And YES, We said roomS, With an "s", as in plural!

I just got back from an awsome few-week visit in Star Valley (I stayed with Misha, Gabby and Shirley, Thanks for the wonderful hospitality girlies!) and some of my sisters (Molly, Julie, Felicity, and Clara came to visit for the weekend. While we were there Jenn got some doll boxes from Auntie Missy to make bunkbeds for her room so Julie could move in with her. And while Jenn was there she got the idea to empy out the top shelf in her "nook" area and make it into.....drumroll......MINE AND JESS'S ROOM!

Jess has a cool Hamock bed, I right now, have a cot, though that will change when Emily comes to town because Jenn will turn her box into my doll bed (before we get asked, no we do not know when Emily is coming, probibly whenever the next time Jenn, Auntie Missy, and Great Auntie Linda go to Natick provided Jenn has the money). The room already had cool shelves built in so Jess and I havw plenty of storange room. Jess has a small AG box to hold her cloaths (She doesn't have a whole lot of cloaths that are just hers), and I'll be getting a burea (or something to act like it) soonish (ideas as to beareaus are welcome)

well I'm rambeling. Sometime after christmas though we'll post videos showing off the doll rooms!


Monday, December 3, 2012


Molly here,


I mean, it's just on top of one of Jenn's dressers (She has too many cloaths, even after getting rid of a TON after she lost weight), I don't have a real bed yet, just my quilt on the floor. But I have a closet. and a table and I can start putting posters up when I find stuff I want to put up.

I'll post pics sometime, probably after the bed is made (Once Jenn can either get her hands on a doll-box or finds a cheap bed or makes one out of something)

In other news. Jenn finished the sweater she's been knitting for Solana (though Clara is wearing it right now because it's part of her inn-keeper costume. I'm playing Joseph) look for the "Show Off" on that sometime late this month of early next (Once Solana gets it back).

Well I gotta go. Mainly posting just to brag about my new room!


Monday, November 26, 2012

I would just like to say.....

....To Auntie Missy's Kaya:

I would like to apologise for not warning you before we watched Doctor Who. I didn't know you would get so afraid watching "The Almost People" and "The Rebel Flesh". (For those of you who don't know: Those episodes feature "Gangers", or people made to look like other people). I did not know you would find the "Gangers" going evil so scary (I've always loved the way Doctor Who can scare me). Please accept my aplogise :(

.......To Our Kaya (Can someone like Sparrow or Solana read this to her, as she is not currently talking to me)

I would like to apologise for scaring Auntie Missy's Kaya with that episode. Particuarly because, in her fear, she thought you were her "Ganger" and were going to hurt her. Should she come out from under Jenn's bed, I will try to explain that you are not a "Ganger" and would not want to hurt her. Please accept my aplogise :(

So yeah, I think I'm going to take Creevey for a walk and hope that I can think of a way to solve this.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Unhappy Jess warning!


Not only did Jenn make me pose with Sugar for the craft she posted Monday: BUT!!!! about two hours after she finished the blog entree THE POWER WENT OUT AND DIDN'T COME ON FOR OVER TWO DAYS! It went out about 2pm on monday and didn't come back on until about 6pm on Monday. Yes Grandpa Bruce has a generator so the house was warm and the people had food but NOTHING in Jenn's room had power. NOT COOL! I personally was very happy when it came back. It was like a Halloween miracle ;)

In other news: The Matthews (Sparrow and Robin's parents) have taken in a foster kid. Her name is Brooklyn Malone. She's shy, but nice. She likes to cook so she's a perfect fit with Sparrow and Robin. She helps in the kitchen at The Sparrow's Nest.

And finally: look for the Star Valley Block Party album sometime tommorow or Monday.

Byesssie bye!


On a more serious note:
We know that there were people who were not only more inconvenienced then us by Hurricane Sandy but who actually may have been hurt, or worse. Our thoughts and possitive energy go out to those people. Keep strong :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft #1: Finger knitted pet leash.

Hey everyone. Jenn here (the girl crazy enough to bring all of the Waterloo residents into one house ;) ) As Julie mentioned this blog is being re-invented. One of things I promised was craft instructions. On that note: I am proud to present my first craft. A finger knitted leash for your doll's pets.

What You Will Need:
-Yarn (not alot, a decent sized leftovers from other projects will do nicely)
-A doll (for sizing)
-The pet the leash is for (again this is for sizing. This leash was for a friend so I just randomly chose Sugar)
Time Needed:
Less then a half hour. I didn't time it but seriously it took no time at all. I started watching Sweeney Todd while I was making this and even taking pictures I had this done LONG before Sweeney killed his first victim.
1) Begin finger knitting. Leave yourself a decent sized tail when you start.
2) work until it fits around the pet's neck. Make sure you leave enough room so that it easily slips on and off.
3) Now this is were the tail you left at the begining comes into play. Tuck it into the loop you've been working with. and continue to finger knit as normal.

it should look like this
4) Keep finger knitting for another inch or two. Until the tail is nice and secure.
5) Tie off the tail. I would recommend double-knotting it to keep it secure when you slip it on and off.
6) and cut off the remainder ends. Congrats! You've just completed the hardest part.  You  may now resume your regularly scheduled finger-knitting.
7) Keep finger knitted until you have about a foot after the end loop (or longer if you desire. The great thing about this craft is that it's fairly customizable)
8) fit the loop around your doll's wrist. Much like the loop that goes around the pet's neck, make sure it can slip easily on and off.
9) For this next part you will need to cut the project away from the yarn ball. make sure you leave yourself a decent length though.
10) Tie the loop off. Again, I would recommend double knotting to keep it secure during play.
11) Cut the ends off and you have completed your leash!
Enjoy and feel free to make as many leashes as you need for all your dolls pets. Like I said earlier the great thing about this craft is that you can make leashes in any color and size you want or need.
I hope you enjoyed this craft. PLEASE leave me comments and possibly photos if you try it. Since this is the first doll craft I've written I'm very eager to hear how it works for others. Also feel free to comment with any questions or problems you may have.




Monday, October 22, 2012

Great Weekend, And BIG News!

Julie here,

So. We just got home from the most GROOVEY weekend we've had in a long time. Mia, Claudia, Clara, Felicity, Sparrow, Jealousy, and I went to Star Valley for the weekend for their annual block party. We had so much fun. We also did good in the competitions too. I'll wait to tell you because we have alot of photos and Jenn wants to make an album after those of us that won ribbons take pictures posing with them.  And in other Star Valley related news: Mia stayed in Star Valley and their Kaya came back with us for a visit.

And now for the BIG news we promised. Jenn has decided to not bother working on  Emerald Bloom any more but to turn this blog into more of less her doll website. Which means you will see more blog entrees and more exciting things. Including

-Posts from Jenn herself
-Crafts you(yes, YOU) can make (trust us, if Jenn can make them, you should have no problem)
-"Show-Offs" Jenn (or us) showing off stuff we made.

You should also see alot more action on our Picasa album page. Right now we have a fall family photo shoot album that has been taken that just needs to be put up (look for that most likely this week). and Jenn has been talking about doing solo albums of each of us showing off our personalities.

If there is other stuff,Waterloo related, that you want to see on the blog, just leave a comment and let us know. We'll do our best.

Peace and Love

<3julie p="p">

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey, Jealousy

Jess here

For those who happened to see the tweet Mia posted this morning about the knock at the door:

We've had a very interesting day here . Around 11'oclock this morning there was a knock at the door. we answered it to find a girl in a denim  skirt, fishnets, a plad shirrt with her hair in small braids and up in a bandana standing there (AWSOME outfit, I know)

"Hey guys"  She said "My bike broke down a little ways away from here and it's freaking cold. Can I come in?" And, without waiting for an answer, she came in and shut the door behind her.

"Name's Jealousy Williams. Nice to meet ya" She said holding her hand out to Molly. Hesitating a little, Molly shook the girl's hand.  She then percieded to look around the house

"Excuse me for asking" Mia piped up "But what kind of name is Jealousy?"

"Not my real name. And that's all you need to know"

"So you're a runnaway" Ruthie piped up "I've read enough books guess that"

"Brilliant deduction Holmes" Jealousy replied. With that the conversation went on to about us and about the house. Jealousy was particularly happy to hear that Grandma Tracy and Grandpa Bruce ride bikes too.

So, long story short. We're all getting to know Jealousy (hard to too did Heather put it...."She's a bit of a brat). I think she's awesome. But in a shocking shock that shocks ALL the person she's been getting along with most is Felicity. Yes, Miss prim and proper herself and the B.A. biker chick are becoming friends. I find this more then slightly amusing.

More updates to come. Some of use (not me) are going to the Star Valley block party this weekend.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mia here.

Miss Mia StClair reporting.

So, I just got back from a summer at computer camp.

First off: In her infinit tech savvieness, Jenn has somehow managed to break iTunes. Though I have been told that Patty-Cake (Jenn's Fiancee) has the situation well in hand.

I did get to meet the two new sisters (Claudia and Josephina) Josephina seems nice and I'm glad to hear that Claudia is a Doctor Who fan (It was getting kinda lonely being the only sci-fi nerd in Waterloo)

My first stop after I got home was to go visit Felicity and the Merrimans. They seemed really busy. Nancy had just finsihed the embroidery work on her sampler and Felicity had just gotton Clementine back from the out of town stabel she was staying at and moved her into the new stabels in Waterloo (I took a pic of Felicity and Clementine and put it on our twitter if anyone is interested

Other then that looks like everyone her has been pretty boring over the summer. Molly did mention getting to go to an AG Store finally. Glad she got that off her checklist.

Well I'm rambeling. so I'm goona sighn of here.

:) Mia :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Sister!

Hey everyone. Molly Here.

So, Jess fails at keeping her promise to keep the blog updated so I guess it's my turn.

Jenn took me to Natick yesterday. I even got a present! She got me my dog Bennett. I love him soooo much. I'll probibly post a picture of him and I on Twitter.

We also got a new sister, Josephina! I'm glad to have her here (though I did attempt to convince Jenn that Emily needed to come to Waterloo instead. Though she did promise me that when she and Auntie Missy go to New York in October that Emily would most likely be coming home then (unless someone Jenn wants or wants stuff for is being archived at the time and she needs to spend the money on that).

In other news: Solana and Kanani are quite upset that NOTHING has been going on here while they have been visiting. We'll have to fix that.

Well I gotta go.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello World! Long time no blog.

Hello everybodies! Jess here.

Man, it's been a looooonnnnnggggggg time since we blogged. But, no worries, I'm here to fix that.

So, We've moved out to the boondoksies. It's quieter here, but we no longer live on Water St. SO we can't call ourselves the Water St Girls. HMMMM what shall we call ourselves?

Last night Jenn, Molly, Sparrow, and Ruthie all went to Auntie Missy's house for the night. Sparrow and Ruthie stayed (Sparrow is staying in Star Valley and Ruthie is staying in Daisy Hallow). The really cool part is that Kanani and Sonali came to visit in their place.  I'm already planning what kind of trouble we'll get into while they are here.

Well. that's pretty much it.... NO WAIT.....MEGA IMPORTANT: I GOT A NEW OUTFITTTTT!!! It' WICKED AWSOME! I'll prolly put a picture of me in it on Twitter soon. CHECK FOR THAT!

Now I'm going to log off.