Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Roomate Rules Version 1

I, Jessica Akiko McConnell, do hereby agree to abide by the rules set forth in....something legallie sounding, in agreement with Mia Vanessa StClair. The purpose of which.....more legal allow Jessica and Mia to peacefully live together (or something like that, Do I REALLY have to type up this mumbo jumbo Mia?)

1) Jessica will only be given permission to use Mia's MP3 player without Mia's permission. This means that Jessica is not allowed to rip said MP3 player off of Mia's ears. No matter how badly she wants to listen to "Sexy and I Know it"

2) Another note about the MP3 Player: Jessica is asked to remember that when she has the headphones on and is singing, that she is singing louder then she can hear. She is asked to keep this in mind when singing. Particularly when Mia is attempting to nap

3) Jessica is reminded that even though her hammock bed makes it difficult for Jessica to jump on her bed, that Mia's bed is not a suitable replacement when she desires to jump on a bed.

4) Jessica is asked to PLEASE refrain from taking pictures of Mia when Mia is sleeping. Particularly considering that Jessica has yet to figure out how to turn the flash on her butterfly camera off.

Also, I, Mia Vanessa StClair do herby agree to abide by the rules set forth in these rules, in agreement with Jessica Akiko McConnell. The purpose of which is to set forth rules that allow Mia and Jessica to peacefully live together.

1) Mia is, under no circumstances, allowed to touch Jessica's monkey and orangatang collection without Jessica's express permission.

2) Mia is asked to remember that Jessica has a severe distaste for classical music, too sleepy, and is asked that when she must listen to classical music for iceskating purposes, to please use her headphones.

3) Mia is asked to understand that yes, Jessica does have more stuffed animals and other figurines then her, but that does not entitle Mia to call Jessica spoiled. Perhaps Mia can work on her cutesy face and ask Jenn for more toys.

4) Persuent to rule 1, Mia is asked to refrain from stealing Toshi off of Jessica's bed and hiding him. No matter how funny Mia thinks it is to watch Jess panic.

(Yes, Jess, you did have to type up your part, I had to mine)

These rules are now put in place by Jenn (who, Jenn would like to remind Mia and Jessica, both legally and physically owns both of their behinds!) and are to be abided by by both Jessica Akiko McConnell and Mia Vanessa StClair

1)Mia and Jessica are asked to immediately refrain from braging about their new room to their sisters who, due to the space available in Jenn's current room) do not yet have rooms. They are FORBIDDEN from saying "It's because Jenn loves us more".

2)Mia and Jessica are asked to learn that handle their own differences and problems rising from misscommunication. If Jenn is asked to moderate many more debates between Mia and Jessica, Jenn will be forced to reconsider their living arrangments. This could possibly include giving their living space to Ruthie and Claudia.

3) All attempted games of "roomate wars" pitting Mia and Jess against Molly and Julie, are hearby forbidden. We do not need a replay of the zipline incident. No matter how much fun Jessica had on the zipline.

(Thank you for typing these up girls. I hope this solves any future problems arising from your new living arrangment and prevents Jenn from having to invoke the punishment in rule two. Jenn is very proud of how well Jessica's hammock bed actually works and would hate to have to take it down).


  1. Um, Jess, taking off flash is like one of the easiest things to do on our camera. I mean, when I snap-away, do you see a flash? Well, sometimes, yes, but sometimes, no.

    Also, in rule #1 (the first #1), shouldn't it be "with" not "without"? Because if you can only use the mp3 player without Mia's permission, that's like anytime you want! Or...unless Mia plans to give you permission anytime in which case then you can't use it.

    Lastly, I want to hang out on the hammock!


    Hey guys, you can totes keep having problems. I want a room! Claudia and I would totes get along as roomies.

  2. Yes Jess, you are correct. I didn't realise the mistake till LONG after the post was published.

    You will have to come visit sometime so you can hang out in my awsome hammock.


    And Ruthie:

    NO! You may not have our room! You and Claudia can fight with the Montoya's and Kirsten for the small desk if Jenn's fish dies before we move :P