Monday, June 6, 2011

update time!

Miss Olly Molly here!

so yeah, I guess it's time to update you on the goings-on on Water St. Lately.

First off:

-Julie is in San Fransisco. Don't ask me why. To hear Julie talking about San Fran before you would have thought she hated it.

-Mia went to space camp. Yeah, She's that much of a tech dork.

-Lord knows were Jess is. Heather mentioned going to Michigan again and she ran out of the house screaming...

-Ruthie is visiting Peggy in Daisy Hallow for the summer.

-Felicity, Kaya, Nancy and Mrs. Merriman are in Europe for Felicity and Kaya's "tour", whatever that means....

-Heather went back to Michigan to see her brother and parents.

-Sparrow and Robin are spending the summer at culinary school so that they can open The Sparrow's Nest when they get back.

-Elphaba just left one afternoon. I think all of the people saying "wicked" here in New Hampshire irritated her.

-Merridith is on a dude ranch out west working with horses.

For those of you who know Water Street well enough you are right. IT'S JUST ME HERE!!!! I'm an only doll again for the summer. I'm totally loving it even if I miss my sisters. I guess we'll see.