Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mia here.

Miss Mia StClair reporting.

So, I just got back from a summer at computer camp.

First off: In her infinit tech savvieness, Jenn has somehow managed to break iTunes. Though I have been told that Patty-Cake (Jenn's Fiancee) has the situation well in hand.

I did get to meet the two new sisters (Claudia and Josephina) Josephina seems nice and I'm glad to hear that Claudia is a Doctor Who fan (It was getting kinda lonely being the only sci-fi nerd in Waterloo)

My first stop after I got home was to go visit Felicity and the Merrimans. They seemed really busy. Nancy had just finsihed the embroidery work on her sampler and Felicity had just gotton Clementine back from the out of town stabel she was staying at and moved her into the new stabels in Waterloo (I took a pic of Felicity and Clementine and put it on our twitter if anyone is interested

Other then that looks like everyone her has been pretty boring over the summer. Molly did mention getting to go to an AG Store finally. Glad she got that off her checklist.

Well I'm rambeling. so I'm goona sighn of here.

:) Mia :)