Sunday, February 17, 2013

Updates on town goings-on

Hello everyone! Sparrow here. Figured it was time to update everyone on what's going on in Waterloo.

So, Robin (my little sis) had a really bad flu for a few days, so Josephina came to stay with us to help her feel better (Josephina knows cures and stuff like that so she was alot of help). While she was here Brooklyn went to stay with Claudia (Claudia had room for a visitor). Now that Robin is feeling better Jospephina has gone home and Brooklyn is back here. Josephina is taking a very long nap as I type (She didn't get much sleep while she was taking care of Robin)

Felicity is visiting Mia.

Ruthie and Solana are not back from their out-of-town visits. Hopefully soon. I know Heather is getting bored living by herself and that Claudia wants Sugar to go home.

We now have checkbooks here in Waterloo. Which I am very happy about as I will actually be able to make money when customers come to The Sparrow's Nest. They are not very fancy but they'll do for a start :)

And lastly, on the social media side of things, You may (if you fallow us on twitter that is) noticed that we've been posting daily pictures of random things going on it Waterloo. If you don't fallow us on Twitter check it out our user name is WaterStTweets. We use the hashtag #Dailydollphotos when we post each picture. Feel free to join us in doing so and we can all share the daily lives of our doll towns!

Well, I'm gonna sign off here.


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