Sunday, May 5, 2013

"And this is the first of MANY updates"

Jealousy here, Jenn decided I should update the blog, Since I've never updated this thing. Haven't really cared to.

Anyways. Jenn just did the first update on the new tab-things she started for the blog. I guess if you care to see what Molly and Julie's apartment is like you can click on the "The Houses" tab and check it out. But whatever, I personally don't care either way (Jenn and everyone else would LOVE you to check it out though. There is also a comment section HINT HINT).


P.S. If anyone was confused by the title of this blog: It's a play on a quote from Tyrion Lannister from the premier of Game of Thrones. If your old enough to watch it (VERY adult themes) CHECK IT OUT!


  1. I would just like to apologize for the fact that Jealousy is more excited about Game of Thrones then updates to the website. In future I will make sure that Jenn doesn't have her update the blog anymore.


  2. Your blog is coming along nicely. We can't wait to see more. And Jealousy, you should be nicer.